25) LAST, but certainly not least, POST.

Although it is impossible to put a price on what I have learned so far in Creative Strat– I’m going to attempt to.

Using the same measuring system that Deb uses when she tells us she’s “400 years old,” according to my calculations……. I (as well as every Creative Strat kid) owe Deb about 8 billion dollars in wisdom and awesomeness and inspiration, etc, etc, etc, x100.

Here is the URL to my website: www.cargocollective.com/danple

I truly hope that I ace the final that is LIFE.



K’mon, it’s the last post. I had to do it.


24) Allstate campaign, always a favorite.

The genius behind this campaign is Leo Burnett.

Here is my favorite commercial for this campaign:

Blind Spot


It is obvious that one of the reasons everyone loves this campaign is that it is hilarious. It is one of the handful of campaigns (I like to compare it to the Old Spice campaign) that get people excited when their commercial comes on, instead of groaning, and muting the TV. On top of that, I think that this campaign used great creative strategies to promote the fact that their company provides great coverage, instead of just promoting a cheaper price, like most other insurance companies tend to do. What also works is that they show real-life situations that actually do probably happen to people (texting while driving, blind spots, etc).

This campaign, and the actor, Dean Winters, will always be one of my favorites!

21) Scott Bedbury’s THRIVE Campaign

Although art and design are a huge part of advertising, I’ve realized I haven’t focused many blogs on actual advertisements.

I decided to look at Kaiser Permanente’s THRIVE Campaign. I mostly was interested in this campaign because Scott Bedbury mentioned it in his lecture as being is his “handy work” and anything that Scott is involved in is definitely something worth looking at.

<iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/cprLwG4vgMg&#8221; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

I find this commercial (from 2007) hilarious. The little boy cracks me up.

This commercial (from 2004), is so cool to me. It was neat to see all of these signs that are so familiar to you put together in such a way that shines a whole new light on them and gives you a new, and positive, perspective on their meaning.

This one was beautifully executed and I thought that the juxtaposition between nature and cars was very interesting (visually, and metaphorically). And it’s always a plus to promote a better environment!

This is another funny one with a great actor (2005).

I believe that this campaign really works for several reasons. I believe that they are genuine and it shows through their work. They focus on bettering their customers well-being, instead of trying to sell their insurance. Another reason why this campaign works for me is the fact that they play off many different angles, which each have a positive tone. They have funny commercial, ones about bettering the environment, and ones that promote our well-being in general.These commercials make Kaiser Permanente feel personable and relatable, which helps build a relationship with the audience. I think that THRIVE is the perfect slogan for this campaign, and for life in general.

So, go forth, and THRIVE at whatever it is you may be working on.

20) Learning To Love You More

We looked at this great website in Interactive Digital Arts class called Learning To Love You More. This website is a collection of the general publics’ response to a series of assignments given by artists Miranda July and Harrell Fletcher.

I love this website for so many reasons. For one, this relates to our project, Your Bike, Our World because it is user-submitted by people all over the world, which I think is awesome!

This also relates to one of the main themes in Creative Strat that Deb has engraved into our heads: which is to MAKE SOMETHING.

Here are some of the assignments that I love:

Make a flier of your day.

Draw a constellation from someone’s freckles.

Make a documentary video about a small child.

My assignment to you (whoever you may be) is to find an assignment on this website that you like, and DO IT. MAKE SOMETHING.

19) Your Bike, Our World


Your Bike, Our World is a movement created by Lisa Inoue, Mike Reiner, and myself.

Through this project, we want to promote biking. We want to stress the fact that not only is biking good for the environment, but that you don’t have to have an expensive bike or be an avid cyclist to make a difference. It is something that anyone and everyone can do. We also want to promote the nostalgic aspect of biking and remind people of their childhood and how they used to ride around just for the fun of it.

If you ride a bike, or agree with this ideas, and want to help this movement, it would mean the world to us for you to participate!
All you need to do to is send a pic of you and your bike, along with your name and where in the world the picture was taken (and anything else you might like to say about biking in general!).
You can post your picture (and browse the other posts that have been submitted) at our website here: Your Bike, Our World.
You can also visit our Facebook page here!
In the mean time…. RIDE ON.

18) 2013 NY Experience Trip? I HOPE!

I just bought my ticket to Ghana!! Woooooo! Upon doing so, I received even MORE exciting news. My mom used my dad’s racked-up mileage from his business travels to get me a free ticket to NY to see my brother. So when I get back to America after the internship, I will stay in Brooklyn with my brother for one week. I cannot wait. Even better, flying out from NY is $500 cheaper! Talk about a WIN WIN situation! He is a graphic designer at Nickelodean and works right on Broadway near Times Square. It will be such an experience for me to get some insight into his creative world and what he does every day.

During my time there I hope to also visit some of the many advertising agencies in NY to get an insight on what might be in store for MY future. This sparked my search for advertising agencies in NY. We have looked at agencies such as Saatchi & Saatchi, Ogilvy and Gotham in class, so I wanted to look at some of the ones that I am not familiar with.

The first was BBDO. They did a campaign for Pedigree called Doggelganger:

I love this. I always see pet owners that look like their pets and it cracks me up. What a clever idea for a campaign!! And effective!

Another agency I looked at was Droga5. They did a commercial for the Unicef Tap Project = The Power of the Glass.

Here is the amazing case study: Unicef Tap Project Case Study.

This video was so beautifully executed and really brought forth the message in a heartwarming and aesthetically pleasing manner. I love Unicef’s Tap Project. It is such a simple and accessible way to raise money for a great cause.

The thing I love about both these are that they, like advertising agencies should strive toward, are helping a higher cause. Advertising isn’t just about selling products, but selling inspiration. Inspiration to do good.

All of this excitement has motivated me to do everything I can to get a spot for the NY Experience trip for 2013. Creative Week 2012 looks soooooo wonderful and exciting. What a huge opportunity! Best wishes to those who are going!

16) More Ghana-Inspired Inspiration!

Back to my Ghana Googling Extravaganza…

I discovered a magazine called Canoe that does amazing cover designs that I had to share.

Love love love these! I can’t wait to bring my perspective from living in America to Ghana, and to come back to America with new perspectives from Ghana.