14) Helvetica: Yay or Nay?

My simple answer to the question= Helvetica: Yay or Nay?

is= May!

Let me explain. In general, I don’t believe in using Helvetica as a cop out for a lack of creativity or using Helvetica just for the sole purpose of having used Helvetica. I don’t like the “trendy” aspect of Helvetica. On the other hand, when used at an appropriate time and in the right way, it can be very useful and aesthetically pleasing.

There may be certain situations and brands where there is an exception, but I personally feel that for the most part, Helvetica should no longer be used for Brand Logos. I don’t have any problem with using Helvetica for any text in design, because sometimes the simpleness of Helvetica allows the content to be more powerful than the typeface, but in terms of using it for the actual Brand’s Logo text, I think at this point in time it is way over done.

Here are some funny images and opinions about Helvetica I found on Google:




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