13) Look Toward Children’s Books for Inspiration

The title for this post may sound really silly.

However, when I’m at work at the UO Book Store and there’s no customers in sight and I am bored out of my mind, I can’t help but wander to the children’s section. I found myself so fascinated with all of these books because the design aesthetic for children’s books are so simple, yet so powerful. Not only are the fonts and images so cheerful and fun, the content of these books are a big part of the inspiration. It’s amazing how deep these kid’s stories can get. I will proudly admit that I have learned many life lessons from these books, like how to share (collaboration), never to give up (overcoming fear), and many more. I hope I don’t sound sarcastic, because I’m being completely serious!!

Here are some book cover designs that I love:

In my mind, these are truly wonderful pieces of art! Maybe one day I’ll put together a children’s book covers art gallery.


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