11) Getting Ready for Tracy Wong

In anticipation for Tracy Wong’s visit, I wanted to check out some of WDCW’s work.

There are many great pieces in their featured pieces, but I chose a case study very near and dear to my heart: Portland’s very own Widmer Brothers Brewing Company. The challenge was that Widmer Brothers lacked costumer awareness. At first, I thought this to be very surprising. Coming from Portland, everyone I know is all about the Widmer Brothers. However, I realized that that was the point. They were only really popular around the Portland area, and Oregon in general. They wanted to bring this enthusiasm for their brand a little north to Seattle, WA.

Watch the case study here!

I love this campaign for so many reasons. I love that so many of the tactics used were so unconventional and that the people who participated were everyday people. Many of the choices made didn’t try to just flaunt how much money they put into the advertisement, but showed that they were human, like the MISSING fliers and the man holding a cardboard sign on the freeway.

There were over-the-top gimmicks, like the airplane banner, but they were clever and tasteful. Their strategy genuinely made people want to get involved in “finding” Russell, whether they believed he existed or not. Another aspect that really helped was how accessible their campaign was, using their interactive website. Without knowing it, the people of Seattle were building a stronger relationship and emotional connection with the Widmer Brothers.

What truly inspiring creative thinking! On top of all that, they really did end up solving the brewing company’s concerns with their brand. The Widmer Brothers and WDCW are a match-made in heaven.

On a last note, I’d like to reveal that “Russell” is actually me and that I’m the third brother.


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