10) No Stones Left Unturned? Yeah, RIGHT!

Today I read an interview, or rather, conversation, between Cory Arcangel (media artist and programmer) and Dara Birnbaum (pioneering video artist). In this interview, they compare notes about art in light of widespread appropriation, outmoded applications, and increasingly divergent audiences. Birnbaum mentions a quote that Sherrie Levine made decades ago about there being no stones left unturned.

This idea was very intriguing to me and was one that I have thought about many times before. Due to how quick and easy it is for people to share and circulate their work, it seems like we’ve seen everything. This makes it harder and harder for ideas to seem original because no matter what it is, it seems like we have already seen similar ideas, or if we haven’t, we will soon.

I think that this directly relates to the idea industry. It is true that so many genius and innovative ideas have been created and that many of them are replicated. However, this does not mean that every stone has been turned. As newcomers into this industry, it is our goal and duty to find those unturned stones. And when you find this unturned stone, don’t just turn it, dammit–chuck it! CREATE, CREATE, CREATE. It may take a long time to find an unturned stone, but they do exist. Let’s see who’ll be the first to find one!


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