7) Dr. Pepper’s “Not for Women”

Dr. Pepper recently came out with this commercial for Dr. Pepper TEN:

Not only do I think this is an example of bad advertising for the obvious reason of offending women, but I think it was a very poor decision on their part. Apart from being so stereotypical, shallow, and offensive, this advertisement goes out of their way to exclude half of their audience, and potential consumers. All over the internet (Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, etc) are people voicing their negative opinions about this ad. I personally feel that after seeing this commercial, many will go out of their way to not only bad mouth Dr. Pepper’s reputation, but to stop buying their product in protest.

Even Ellen talks about her opinion of it on her show and does a little parody of the commercial:

Dr.Pepper really missed the mark on this one. However, I don’t want to end this post on a completely negative note, so here is another commercial they did that I thought was clever.

There was a sense of storytelling in this and I believe that it did evoke some emotion. It worked for me (at least way more than the “Not For Women” ad did).


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