6) WELCOME TO GHANA 2012!!!!

The title of this post was actually the subject title for an e-mail from the wonderful Prof. Leslie Steeves from SOJC, which was quite possibly the greatest e-mail I’ve received all year.

I have recently been accepted to the study abroad program through SOJC at UO called Media In Ghana!!!!!!!!!!!! I am SOOOOOO stoked. I will be attending lectures at the University of Ghana in Accra and interning somewhere there as well.

Upon this stoked-ness, I started Googling various media and art related Ghanaian tag lines. Here is what I found:

Example of a barber's sign in Ghana

This is a classic example of the style of print media that Ghana is famous for. This style of hand-painted, hand-written signs can be seen all over Ghana. My favorite thing about these types of print is their simplicity. It only takes a few images and a few words to get their point across. It is easy on the eyes and easy to understand.

Ghana vs. Uruguay Soccer Match sponsored by Divine Chocolate

This is a beautiful banner for a soccer match between Ghana and Uruguay. This event is sponsored (like almost every sporting event is in the US) by a chocolate company called Divine Chocolate. I love so many things about this print. I love the color palette that is used. The various shades of brown on the all-black background are so soothing, and really give off that chocolate vibe. I also love the fonts used in this piece. There are three different fonts used that are so different from each other, but happen to work together seamlessly.  The swirls and little bouncing soccer ball adds the perfect touch. This is just a tiny little ad for a soccer match, but for me personally, it is very inspiring and I hope to create print media as beautiful as this in Ghana this summer.

Arrival ceremony for President Kufuor displays gorgeous traditional Ghanaian clothing

I posted this photo to show the vibrance of the clothing of Ghana because I believe that these bright and lively colors will be a big part of my inspiration while creating and designing in Ghana, and for the rest of my life.

Modern and beautiful Ghanaian fashion photo shoot

I love this photo. Ghana is becoming a more and more powerful force of fashion, art, and design. I love how the clothing in this photo took the origins of the traditional textiles and transformed it into something so modern and visually pleasing.

It is amazing what random images from Google can do. For different reasons, these photos get me so excited about going to Ghana and immersing myself in the richness of their culture. I know my experiences in Ghana will shape my perspective on many things, as well as give me unique inspirations for creativity for the rest of my life.


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