2) Effective Advertising

Today in Creative Strat we talked about the topic for our paper, which has to do with “bad” advertising. In the process of thinking about what it really means for advertising to be “bad,” I thought about what it means for advertising to be “good.” I’ve come up with a “top three” list of the kinds of advertisements that I enjoy most.

1) Humor / Cleverness: Personally, I think that humor is the most effective type of advertising. It’s simple: everyone loves to laugh.

Volkswagen: The Bark Side

There are a million ads I could have chosen as an example of a humorous ad, but this is the most recent one that has tickled my funny bone. This ad cracks me up so hard and I’m not even sure why. It is mostly when the dog makes the Chewbacca sound and when the scrawny greyhound walks across in the Star Wars Walker costume. This was such a simple idea that was executed flawlessly. I’ve seen it a million times, yet I notice something new and hilarious every time (the dog with Princess Leia buns! HA!) However–the dog barks can get annoying after the 3rd time watching it.

2) Awe Factor: To me, this usually means something really innovative and artistic, but it can also mean really cool graphics (seen in many video game ads).

Coinstar by Pes

This ad for Coinstar left me speechless. I have a soft spot in my heart for stop motion animation because I’ve created one before for a Digital Arts Class (maybe I’ll post it later) and that really put into perspective how much time and effort go into such a short video. My project consisted of 1500 photos, yet only lasted barely 2 minutes. Not only was this video aesthetically pleasing, but it was thoughtfully done and told a story.

Pes is an inspiring and amazing artist who is known for his mind-blowing stop motion animations. Check out his other work (including other advertisements) here! Seriously, do it. And be prepared for your mind to be blown.

3) Pathos: By pathos, I mean an ad that evokes emotion onto the audience. I find the most effective of this type are the ones that are so cute you want to cry.

Google Chrome: Dear Sophie

This ad was mentioned in class and I’m sure all of you have seen it before, but this is the perfect example of an effective ad that uses pathos. It’s so powerful and so cute I get goosebumps every time I watch it. The narrative was flawlessly told at the perfect pace, using the perfect audios and visuals. There were so many little creatives sparks throughout the piece that really made it work. (I love the part about how she wanted to name her new little brother Salt because it reminded me of my friend’s niece who wanted to name her dog Rainbow Tortilla)


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