One of the best feelings in the world is settling down for the warm, relaxing ride home from the mountain after an amazing day of riding. It feels like nothing can ruin that ridiculously good mood that you’re in. Nothing except the feeling of your pulsating appendix wanting to burst, that is.

And that, is why there has been such a delay in the creation and usage of my blog. I had initially planned on doing some work while recovering from surgery. Needless to say, that most definitely didn’t happen. Anyway– I’m back, I’m alive, and I’m finally making it onto the blog scene, whether you like it or not.

I thought a good starting point would be a lil’ somethin’ somethin’ about me. Sometimes it is nice to have a feel for someone before you read more about what they have to say.

Here are two of the most recent creative projects I’ve done in my life:

Rip City babbbby

I entered this t-shirt design into a contest. And……… didn’t win. Instead, here are the two designs that are in the running for 1st place (winning design is voted for by the public):

I personally like the Rip City shirt better. If you have a favorite, you can vote here:

Looking at these two designs, I tried to figure out why mine wasn’t chosen. A common theme I thought these two designs had, that mine lacked, was an overall tone of intensity, which works well with sports related media. I think the font I chose made mine seem more whimsical. But I think it’s cute 🙂 (maybe “cute” isn’t what they were looking for).

The other creative project I did recently was actually for another contest. This was a logo design contest for the UO Freestyle Snowboard/Ski Team.

Of course, this was inspired by the infamous I Heart Oregon symbol that is seen on stickers, patches, t-shirts, etc. all over the place. For this reason, at first I was skeptical in using this design for fear of being thought to have stolen the idea. I decided in the end that my genuine intention with this design wasn’t to steal the idea, but if anything, to celebrate it. Being a native Oregonian, I instantly fell in love with this symbol and thought it embodied the simplistic, yet powerful love for Oregon perfectly.

Another reason I chose the I Heart Oregon symbol as an inspiration is that for me, a big part of the love for snowboarding has to do with the love for this beautiful state and the mountains it has to offer (Hood<3 and Bachelor<3 among others).

A winner has yet to be chosen for the contest. I’ve never entered any small design contests like these before, but I really enjoyed these two because they just so happen to be two of my favorite things: snowboarding and the Portland Trail Blazers (Rip City, babyyyyyyyy!).


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